Summer'17 Intern-Week 6

Week 6 Reflection

Posted by Tahmid Efaz on July 7, 2017

In this blog post, I would like to share my thoughts on yet another seminar that I had to attend as part of my internship experience.

This seminar focused on how to give a research talk. Before the seminar, we had to prepare some slides based on our research. During the seminar, we were broken into different smaller groups and were attended by two faculty members. We then had to give a presentation based on our slides. After our presentation, we were received useful feedbacks from our mentors.

I think the idea of a research talk is interesting. It helped me get a better idea of where my research stands and how far I need to go. While I was brainstorming and making the slides, it helped me better understand which part of my work matters the most. I helped me understand what I must focus on during the rest of my internship. There were some parts in my work that I was paying too much attention. Now, after brainstorming for the research talk, I understood that I have far more important things to take care of those smaller things that were taking a lot of my times.

I would say giving this research talk made me a better researcher. It helped me to not only understand the approaches to do research better but also to present my work so that others understand what I am doing. Giving a research talk is challenging but it helps you become a better researcher.