Summer'17 Intern-Week 5

Week 5 Reflection

Posted by Tahmid Efaz on June 30, 2017

The impact of making Mistakes

Mistakes are an opportunity for growth. I have learned a lot through making mistakes. I think if you do not make mistakes, you can never learn. A lot of times I tried to compile codes without any success. Sometimes the mistakes I made in the code were silly, but sometimes they were enlightening. Through making mistakes in my code, I learned which portions of the code I am are a necessity. For example, one time I did not add a line in my code because I thought it was not necessary but my code did not compile. The exception that it threw at me blew my mind. I never thought that particular line of code was responsible for that sort of thing. This enabled me to question what I already knew. Eventually, it helped me understand how the code I was working with worked. Without making that mistake, I would not have figured out how that code work. Therefore, without making that mistake it would not have achieved growth.